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Soft Skills Training – A Boon Or Necessity?

Something very interesting happened the other day. We were looking for a sales executive who could help us out with our sales efforts. We had interviewed a couple of people but somehow were not satisfied with what we had seen. It was then that one of our associates suggested that we pick up interns from an MBA college. So we had some interns from a particular college sent down to our office.  There was a sizable number and we were sure we would be able to find at least one candidate that matched our criteria.

Soft Skills Training Companies

So we set out interviewing them one by one. You won’t believe that out of the entire lot of 15, we could only find 1 candidate who we felt could do justice to the task at hand. So what differentiated this candidate from the other 14? Simply his soft skills. Some of the other candidates were technically sound but the common problem with all of them was that they lacked soft skills. We being amongst the top soft skills training companies in India could definitely not have someone represent us who lacked in this very sphere and who needed soft skills training himself! That’s when we realized how important it is for our colleges to actually take students through such courses. They all equip students with hard skills but somehow this front is ignored.

Keeping this incident in mind we are conducting campus to corporate sessions for college students. We know how these skills all have their roots in deeper aspects of the self and hence have come up with a yearlong course which can help in the overall development of students. These sessions entail:

Soft Skills

  • Self Development : 90% of our personalities are made up of what’s on our inside; our fears, perceptions, attitude, beliefs, motivations and complexes. These drive the 10% of our outside personality. Hence dealing with these and ensuring that they are causing fruitful outer behaviour is essential. This is why we give so much of importance to ‘self’ development and always start our sessions with the same. It helps in building self confidence and getting past the fears that may be hindering our progress.
  • Communication, Etiquette and Grooming : Behaviour and Physical Appearance form the outer personality. Once the inner is in place, it becomes much easier to get the outer in place. The outer also feeds into the inner, so changing the way we dress can also have great effects on the way we feel and in turn on our attitude.

Soft Skills Training

  • Team Dynamics : Once we have a good understanding of ourselves, we automatically gain a better understanding of the people around us. After all, we are all human beings and frankly operate in very similar ways! So understanding how a team works and what team members want and need from us makes the next stepping stone which ensures that not only do we feel and look happy but can also have great relationships with those around us. Somehow the relationships that we have at college are very different from those that we encounter in the corporate world and readiness for the same is hence a necessity.
  • Other Skills : Apart from these, we also teach students time management skills as well as stress management techniques. It’s very important that they can handle these two parameters well so that they can avoid burnout while at work. Goal setting is another area which helps them get a direction in life and then march towards it with full force.

Soft Skills Training Companies India

  • Placement Assistance : Last but not the least, we also help our students when it comes to placement assistance. We having plenty of experience in the recruitment field ourselves, understand what it is that companies are looking for in a candidate and give students a tip on various fronts. We help them design their resumes to showcase specific details about themselves and steer questions in their interviews. We also give them practice in Group Discussions as well as in various types of interviews so that they are comfortable when they have to finally face the same on D-Day.

In this way we are going all out to help the youth of our country become more employable and become better employees once they get their coveted job!


Effective Ways Of Making Corporate Training In India Engaging

What is the first image that develops in your mind when you think about corporate training? All that flashes in front of your eyes is a boring training session focusing on the core topics such as basic skills, industry regulations, amendments and other related stuff. Learning does not take place only in the classroom, it involves learning from everything, be it a situation, condition or a person. Is corporate training in India a boring business? Want to make it engaging? Here are some of the effective ways of making the session of corporate training an engaging one:

corporate training companies

  • Make Use Of Pictures

In Bangalore, a lot of corporate training companies have made use of pictures to depict the fundamentals. This is because the brain can understand and remember things more when given in a visual format rather than as a piece of write up. According to studies, nearly 94% of trainers responded positively when made to understand certain basic skills via pictures instead of talks. This is the reason most of the trainers are now using pictures to make the content crystal clear.

  • Content Must Be Crisp

Employees usually lack a lot of time for spending on reading lengthy contents. Such long contents usually distract the employees. If the sections of contents are kept brief and to the point, keeping the learners glued to the training session is not that difficult. Even if a big topic needs to be covered in a particular session, try breaking it up in smaller chapters to keep intact the interest of your learners.

  • Keep The Audience Engaged

A lot of the task of keeping the audience engaged depends upon the trainer. If the trainer is active, the session can never turn out to be boring. Never let the learners simply read the slides. For this reason, a short quiz must be conducted at the end of each and every corporate training session. This will allow the people to review what they have understood.

  • A Compelling Title

Usually the different sessions that are conducted during corporate training have titles which are generic, typical and boring. Often the learners are dissuaded from the course at the beginning after reading the title. If you add some out of the box title, the employees will be inquisitive to know what actually will happen in the corporate training program.

Personality Development- An Amazingly Effective Measure To Ensure Company’s Growth

Personality development is defined as the qualified persistent pattern of feeling or thoughts of an individual that differ him from another one. According to the postulates mentioned in Personality psychology, a person’s personality develops initially and it profoundly continues to change throughout his entire lifetime. One’s thoughts and action are undoubtedly required to be in righteous direction. Because it is our thinking that leads us to action. A confidence boost helps great to developing a person’s personality.

Personality Development

Behaviour growth is a skill that helps in enhancing and grooming one’s innermost and outermost personality traits. It can be refined over time and polished over experience. Training employees with personality development sessions tends to create a win-win situation for the company and the employee respectively. The job competence is positively improved at an alarming rate, which in the turn delivers job satisfaction feeling to the employee which ultimately makes way for the organization’s growth.  Following are the key areas on which we insist our clients to focus for building an effective personality in time to come. Concentrate on:

  1. Developing enormous confidence
  1. Being the way you are, for the original is always worth more than a copy.
  1. Adapting a compelling body language
  1. Paying attention on what you wear
  1. Displaying courtesy when or when not at work
  1. Uncovering secret areas of your interest
  1. Having an ear for everything
  1. Stop being a dull boy without any play
  1. Facing fresh audience at certain intervals in time
  1. Projecting your opinions and winning hearts

Behaviour Growth

We will pour every last drop of knowledge we possess, in turning your more personality conscious by helping you grow dominant personality and sustaining it in the years to come. Our every effort projects at the hysterical growth of your organization by excelling always when it comes to company-employee relationships. We will develop personality in your organization’s employees in such a fashion that is way better than any other competitor in the market.

To let firms grow and prosper, we contribute our skills and earn prestige for the change we deliberately bring in a man’s personality.

Selling Skills Training, The Long And Short Of It!

Selling Skills Training covers a wide spectrum or should I say very wide spectrum! It’s a huge field and encompasses many different aspects of Selling. It could be based on the type of selling like Retail or Rural Selling or it could be on the channel that is used like Channel Sales or Feet on Street Selling.

Selling Skills Training

The new type that is currently making waves is based on the internet. It could be social marketing (SMO), where we sell our products and services through various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc. As these may seem to be more individual based platforms, organizations are resorting to use the more commonly used SEO, for marketing their products.

So what is SEO? It’s search engine optimization. A simple method to come amongst the top results in the google list when an individual searches for a product or service. This method thus revolves around our most favorite friend Google. In fact it is he who decides who is going to appear at which position your website is going to land in the list! So how does it work? By using keywords. Let me give you an example.

Suppose you were trying to find a good soft skills training company in Mumbai who could deliver all sorts of trainings for your employees. So when you type ‘soft skills training company in mumbai’ google throws up a list of results. It is but natural that you will start reading the list from the first entry at the top and after checking each website will keep coming down the list. If you find a good company at the start of the list itself, you won’t bother to look further or at least not go beyond the first page. Knowing this typical tendency, it becomes all the more important to ensure that your organization website occurs as a result on google on the first page itself.

As per research which is being done on SEO on how to increase its effectiveness, the latest findings say that it is better to have long tailed keywords. So if I am a soft skills training company which operates out of Mumbai, it is always better to put the keyword as ‘soft skills training company in mumbai’ rather than just putting ‘training company’. The advantage that you get is that a person who types soft skills will also reach your website, one who types training company will also reach your website, one who types training company in mumbai will also reach your website and those who type soft skills training companies in mumbai will also reach your website. So don’t you think that’s great and will definitely add up to the number of hits you get on your website?

Another great way to get on top of the google listings is by creating blogs on a frequent basis. Having articles written by you on a regular basis brings in greater traffic on to your website and frankly serves as a great way to plug in those keywords that you require to pull yourself up on the ratings. The best part about it is it serves as a great creative outlook too, allowing you to write on any topic under the sun, as long as you can relate it to your organization and its services!

Selling Skills Training

Other methods that are being taught as a part of Selling Skills Training nowadays are the use of paper click campaigns (PPC) where your advertisement is displayed on certain pages by google or as a part of google directory listings or simply how to use e-mail or SMS marketing more effectively.

Live Better With Time Management Training

People live a very busy life these days. Most of the people in the society are over whelmed with the work and other family matters. There is never enough time for anything for some people, where as some people seems to have much free time, even if they are leading similar lives. How is this possible? All are allocated with 24 hours a day each no more, no less. Still, some people fail to finish the entire task in time because they do not know how to manage the time very well. People say time is money because time is very precious. Once gone, it can’t be gotten back. If you are finding it hard to finish tasks in time, then time management training is what you needs the most.

time management training

Why time management is important?

  • If time is not managed properly, the projects, reports and other works can’t be submitted in the given deadline. This will result in great disgrace, if you are working in a company or studying in an institution.
  • Improper time management will alter the regularity in the food consumption times and this will make a bad effect in your health.
  • If you are not able to follow as per the time schedule, you will be constantly worried about it and causes lot of frustration.

The Yellow Spot gives great training for the people for managing the time efficiently so that they can develop a better life style, free from tensions. When it comes to time management, the primary thing you have to manage is yourself. Simply put, time management is an act of self-management. They help you to analyze why do you lag behind the time limits and where do you need to focus for not losing the time. There are many tricks and tips that will save your time every day.

time management training

The Yellow Spot has a handful of highly experienced and talented trainers, who are able to get down deep into anyone and understand the root of their problems. With the help of these highly talented trainers, you will be able to figure out a lot more about yourself. Getting to know more about you, plays a vital role in self-management. The trainers will help you set new goals and rules. Even if you mess them up in the beginning, the trainers will encourage you to push forward and will help you to achieve the skill of time management.

Tao of Selling Skills

Selling Skills are required for all and every one in their lives. Every individual though not being into sales profession has to sell himself or his thought processes to others for other to believe in him and his capabilities. This applies to husband and wife, partners, child to parent, parent to child, friends to each other, subordinate to boss and vice versa. Hence anyone who wants to be successful in life should know to sell himself very well.

Selling Skills Training

The Yellow Spot designed selling skills training program focuses on this core human need of selling himself to others and hence have designed a in-depth selling skills training program for those who want to enhance their effectiveness in life as well in the profession of sales.

Selling Skills

The program focuses on the core questions like:

  • What does sales mean?
  • Why do we need to sell ourselves? How can we become effective sellers? How do we overcome the fears we have of selling?
  • How do we understand the buyer’s needs?
  • How do we understand his psyche?
  • What are the various techniques we can sell?
  • What is the math behind the sales numbers?
  • How do we overcome the objections mentally and emotionally?
  • How do we respond to these objections?
  • How do we handle failure?
  • How do we close the sale effectively?

Our selling skills program will be delivered considering the above questions and will be a mix of role plays, simulations, assessments, games, small group activities and presentation. Audio visuals will also play a role in helping our visual learners learn these skills effectively. The way we differentiate ourselves is by conducting a thorough needs assessment before the program so that we get an opportunity to customise and cater to the individual needs of our participants.

Selling Skills Training

This initiative makes our selling skills program unique.

Even at the end of our program we wind up with through action plans which can be reviewed at a later stage.

Our interactions with our participants are highly personalised and this how our programs become more meaningful.

Selling skills training is generally a 2 day program to be able to maintain effectiveness and is conducted in a spacious environment to be able to create and maintain the right environment for the workshop.

Enrol in our 2 day program and become an ace sales professional.

Struggling with Life? Attend our Work Life Balance Workshops

Work Life Balance Workshops, a personal favorite of mine. Why? Having being troubled by it for a major portion of my life I really understand the value of it!

A question that may pop up in your head, especially for the folks who know me is “Work Life Balance Workshops are for working professionals, you’re not that old to have had such issues for a major portion of your life!” Well if you take the word “work” literally then you can come up with that question, but what about schooling or working at home for a house wife. Are those not different forms of work? I haven’t had any experience as a housewife, but I most certainly have had a roller coaster ride during my schooling and college days, which is why I have so many white hair even at this age!

Work Life Balance Workshops

So as you guessed, this workshop is basically for everyone. Each one of us are doing some form of work right from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night. In fact sleep is the only time that you are not doing something, not to forget of course that your mind is still working to manufacture your dreams!

What is this workshop about? About life. About awareness. About enjoying life through awareness. Sounds like Greek and Latin? Let me explain.

How do most of us live our lives? Like a machine. We do things mechanically without even being aware of what we are doing. It’s true, when was the last time that you ate dinner with full concentration, without having your attention on the television or a conversation with your family? Difficult to remember? Some of you may say that you do it very often as you live alone and are too tired to even watch the television at night! My next question is for you. When was the last time that you ate dinner without having a stream of thoughts running in through your mind? Most of us will unfortunately say never and that’s the whole point of this workshop!

Work Life Balance

Have you ever done something with full focus and concentration? How did it feel? In fact I urge you to try it out today. Let’s say while eating a fruit, say an apple. Be fully focused in eating the apple. Feel the texture of it, look at it intricately from different angles, taste its flavor, smell its smell and even try to hear it! You will have a whole new experience. You will feel closer to the apple than you have ever felt before. The best part about it is that that single apple will be able to quench your hunger and thirst, the true secret to weight-loss! You will feel relaxed and a sense of completeness and connectedness will overpower you. So although you will be doing something, i.e. eating the apple, you will feel balanced and centered and completely at ease.

Sounds weird? Try it. It’s tried and tested and believe me it works! You will never be able to imagine that something you do everyday like eating an apple can give you so much pleasure.

Work Life Balance Workshops

After that try it out at work with the various tasks that you have to do in the day. Try to connect with each task and feel the task with each one of your senses. If you forget to do it on work related tasks you can always start off with tasks in between work. Pick-up for example, the task of walking to the washroom. Using all your senses here may be a difficult task but you can certainly give the most prominent one ago. Try to feel your feet as they take steps. You can also watch them if that comes easier to you. You will soon realize that work feels like play and you would have stumbled upon the secret to work life balance.

Why does this work? It brings you into the present moment, a moment I’d love to talk about in the workshop!