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Soft Skills Training – A Boon Or Necessity?

Something very interesting happened the other day. We were looking for a sales executive who could help us out with our sales efforts. We had interviewed a couple of people but somehow were not satisfied with what we had seen. It was then that one of our associates suggested that we pick up interns from an MBA college. So we had some interns from a particular college sent down to our office.  There was a sizable number and we were sure we would be able to find at least one candidate that matched our criteria.

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So we set out interviewing them one by one. You won’t believe that out of the entire lot of 15, we could only find 1 candidate who we felt could do justice to the task at hand. So what differentiated this candidate from the other 14? Simply his soft skills. Some of the other candidates were technically sound but the common problem with all of them was that they lacked soft skills. We being amongst the top soft skills training companies in India could definitely not have someone represent us who lacked in this very sphere and who needed soft skills training himself! That’s when we realized how important it is for our colleges to actually take students through such courses. They all equip students with hard skills but somehow this front is ignored.

Keeping this incident in mind we are conducting campus to corporate sessions for college students. We know how these skills all have their roots in deeper aspects of the self and hence have come up with a yearlong course which can help in the overall development of students. These sessions entail:

Soft Skills

  • Self Development : 90% of our personalities are made up of what’s on our inside; our fears, perceptions, attitude, beliefs, motivations and complexes. These drive the 10% of our outside personality. Hence dealing with these and ensuring that they are causing fruitful outer behaviour is essential. This is why we give so much of importance to ‘self’ development and always start our sessions with the same. It helps in building self confidence and getting past the fears that may be hindering our progress.
  • Communication, Etiquette and Grooming : Behaviour and Physical Appearance form the outer personality. Once the inner is in place, it becomes much easier to get the outer in place. The outer also feeds into the inner, so changing the way we dress can also have great effects on the way we feel and in turn on our attitude.

Soft Skills Training

  • Team Dynamics : Once we have a good understanding of ourselves, we automatically gain a better understanding of the people around us. After all, we are all human beings and frankly operate in very similar ways! So understanding how a team works and what team members want and need from us makes the next stepping stone which ensures that not only do we feel and look happy but can also have great relationships with those around us. Somehow the relationships that we have at college are very different from those that we encounter in the corporate world and readiness for the same is hence a necessity.
  • Other Skills : Apart from these, we also teach students time management skills as well as stress management techniques. It’s very important that they can handle these two parameters well so that they can avoid burnout while at work. Goal setting is another area which helps them get a direction in life and then march towards it with full force.

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  • Placement Assistance : Last but not the least, we also help our students when it comes to placement assistance. We having plenty of experience in the recruitment field ourselves, understand what it is that companies are looking for in a candidate and give students a tip on various fronts. We help them design their resumes to showcase specific details about themselves and steer questions in their interviews. We also give them practice in Group Discussions as well as in various types of interviews so that they are comfortable when they have to finally face the same on D-Day.

In this way we are going all out to help the youth of our country become more employable and become better employees once they get their coveted job!


5 Important Personality Development Tips

Personality Development is a wide term and its reach is just not concerned with self improvement or look enhancement, but it is about ameliorating the way one thinks about himself/herself and others and behave with them. When we think of developing personality, we think of bringing about positive changes in an array of qualities for achieving the goals in a better manner. If you are also looking for a bucket list of tips that will help you improve your persona, then here is your jackpot. Read further:

Personality Development Training

  1. Optimism and confidence

Positivity lays the road of confidence. If you approach a difficult task with a positive approach, your level of confidence will reach the skies and will surely help in gaining the most effective solution for the problem in hand. This confidence laden positive approach will help you in making best use of resources as well as abilities to bring home a solution.

  1. Know who you are

Just like the way one must know something about a product before developing it; the same goes for personality also. For developing it, one needs to take a thorough look at themselves and analyses traits, strengths as well as weaknesses which can needs to be reworked. One needs to convert weaknesses into strengths.

  1. Soft skills

Soft skills training is often considered as one of the essential and most vital aspect of any development program. For efficient soft skills, one must think before speaking. Also develop the skills of listening; this way you will get to know more. If you are not well versed with English, work on its perfection. Try communicating more and more with people.

  1. Widen your mind frame

You should widen your mind frame and thus become an intriguing person, with whom one can talk about different phenomena. If you possess a passion for something, pursue it to the fullest without considering time as the enemy.

  1. Body language

Body language reflects a lot about one’s personality. Your persona should always portray an open and inviting nature; thus reflecting positivity. Always use a relaxing gesture so that people do not feel hesitant in approaching you.