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Selling Skills Training, The Long And Short Of It!

Selling Skills Training covers a wide spectrum or should I say very wide spectrum! It’s a huge field and encompasses many different aspects of Selling. It could be based on the type of selling like Retail or Rural Selling or it could be on the channel that is used like Channel Sales or Feet on Street Selling.

Selling Skills Training

The new type that is currently making waves is based on the internet. It could be social marketing (SMO), where we sell our products and services through various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc. As these may seem to be more individual based platforms, organizations are resorting to use the more commonly used SEO, for marketing their products.

So what is SEO? It’s search engine optimization. A simple method to come amongst the top results in the google list when an individual searches for a product or service. This method thus revolves around our most favorite friend Google. In fact it is he who decides who is going to appear at which position your website is going to land in the list! So how does it work? By using keywords. Let me give you an example.

Suppose you were trying to find a good soft skills training company in Mumbai who could deliver all sorts of trainings for your employees. So when you type ‘soft skills training company in mumbai’ google throws up a list of results. It is but natural that you will start reading the list from the first entry at the top and after checking each website will keep coming down the list. If you find a good company at the start of the list itself, you won’t bother to look further or at least not go beyond the first page. Knowing this typical tendency, it becomes all the more important to ensure that your organization website occurs as a result on google on the first page itself.

As per research which is being done on SEO on how to increase its effectiveness, the latest findings say that it is better to have long tailed keywords. So if I am a soft skills training company which operates out of Mumbai, it is always better to put the keyword as ‘soft skills training company in mumbai’ rather than just putting ‘training company’. The advantage that you get is that a person who types soft skills will also reach your website, one who types training company will also reach your website, one who types training company in mumbai will also reach your website and those who type soft skills training companies in mumbai will also reach your website. So don’t you think that’s great and will definitely add up to the number of hits you get on your website?

Another great way to get on top of the google listings is by creating blogs on a frequent basis. Having articles written by you on a regular basis brings in greater traffic on to your website and frankly serves as a great way to plug in those keywords that you require to pull yourself up on the ratings. The best part about it is it serves as a great creative outlook too, allowing you to write on any topic under the sun, as long as you can relate it to your organization and its services!

Selling Skills Training

Other methods that are being taught as a part of Selling Skills Training nowadays are the use of paper click campaigns (PPC) where your advertisement is displayed on certain pages by google or as a part of google directory listings or simply how to use e-mail or SMS marketing more effectively.


Selling Skills – Improve your Sales Return Multiple Folds

Selling skills are all about learning how to identify the process consumers go through when deciding on a purchase. The application of appropriate selling techniques and skills at every stage of a sales process helps in closing more business than usual. Key skill areas included in selling skills training include new business prospecting, call planning, identifying the needs of customers, value presenting, managing feedbacks, objection handling and gaining motivation and commitment.

selling skills trainingAny purchase decision by a customer generally goes through a five-step process.

  1. Openness
  2. Focus
  3. Knowledge
  4. Evaluation
  5. Decision

It is important for sales people to coordinate their sales process with the decision making process of the customers. Selling skills training helps sales team in the coordination and hopes to achieve the following.

  1. Building of effective relationship with the customers
  2. Research strategies to generate greater interest among customers
  3. Techniques to identify the business priorities of customers
  4. Tips to overcome challenges and objections
  5. Motivation and commitment

The training provided is based on the concept that every organization is unique with its own processes, culture and challenges. Personalized training programs for every organization are offered with case studies, examples to better address the sales and challenges. The training is devised based on relevance to the participants. It is important to be an effective sales person without having to resort to pushy sales tricks.

selling skills

All professionals be it sales professionals or non-sales professionals, require selling skills at some point of time. Learning how to generate and pitch your idea or service effectively is a useful skill to possess. Putting in plenty of preparation time is a good rule in successful selling skills. Customers tend to be more receptive with people who are thorough selling professionals.