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Struggling with Life? Attend our Work Life Balance Workshops

Work Life Balance Workshops, a personal favorite of mine. Why? Having being troubled by it for a major portion of my life I really understand the value of it!

A question that may pop up in your head, especially for the folks who know me is “Work Life Balance Workshops are for working professionals, you’re not that old to have had such issues for a major portion of your life!” Well if you take the word “work” literally then you can come up with that question, but what about schooling or working at home for a house wife. Are those not different forms of work? I haven’t had any experience as a housewife, but I most certainly have had a roller coaster ride during my schooling and college days, which is why I have so many white hair even at this age!

Work Life Balance Workshops

So as you guessed, this workshop is basically for everyone. Each one of us are doing some form of work right from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night. In fact sleep is the only time that you are not doing something, not to forget of course that your mind is still working to manufacture your dreams!

What is this workshop about? About life. About awareness. About enjoying life through awareness. Sounds like Greek and Latin? Let me explain.

How do most of us live our lives? Like a machine. We do things mechanically without even being aware of what we are doing. It’s true, when was the last time that you ate dinner with full concentration, without having your attention on the television or a conversation with your family? Difficult to remember? Some of you may say that you do it very often as you live alone and are too tired to even watch the television at night! My next question is for you. When was the last time that you ate dinner without having a stream of thoughts running in through your mind? Most of us will unfortunately say never and that’s the whole point of this workshop!

Work Life Balance

Have you ever done something with full focus and concentration? How did it feel? In fact I urge you to try it out today. Let’s say while eating a fruit, say an apple. Be fully focused in eating the apple. Feel the texture of it, look at it intricately from different angles, taste its flavor, smell its smell and even try to hear it! You will have a whole new experience. You will feel closer to the apple than you have ever felt before. The best part about it is that that single apple will be able to quench your hunger and thirst, the true secret to weight-loss! You will feel relaxed and a sense of completeness and connectedness will overpower you. So although you will be doing something, i.e. eating the apple, you will feel balanced and centered and completely at ease.

Sounds weird? Try it. It’s tried and tested and believe me it works! You will never be able to imagine that something you do everyday like eating an apple can give you so much pleasure.

Work Life Balance Workshops

After that try it out at work with the various tasks that you have to do in the day. Try to connect with each task and feel the task with each one of your senses. If you forget to do it on work related tasks you can always start off with tasks in between work. Pick-up for example, the task of walking to the washroom. Using all your senses here may be a difficult task but you can certainly give the most prominent one ago. Try to feel your feet as they take steps. You can also watch them if that comes easier to you. You will soon realize that work feels like play and you would have stumbled upon the secret to work life balance.

Why does this work? It brings you into the present moment, a moment I’d love to talk about in the workshop!