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Tao of Selling Skills

Selling Skills are required for all and every one in their lives. Every individual though not being into sales profession has to sell himself or his thought processes to others for other to believe in him and his capabilities. This applies to husband and wife, partners, child to parent, parent to child, friends to each other, subordinate to boss and vice versa. Hence anyone who wants to be successful in life should know to sell himself very well.

Selling Skills Training

The Yellow Spot designed selling skills training program focuses on this core human need of selling himself to others and hence have designed a in-depth selling skills training program for those who want to enhance their effectiveness in life as well in the profession of sales.

Selling Skills

The program focuses on the core questions like:

  • What does sales mean?
  • Why do we need to sell ourselves? How can we become effective sellers? How do we overcome the fears we have of selling?
  • How do we understand the buyer’s needs?
  • How do we understand his psyche?
  • What are the various techniques we can sell?
  • What is the math behind the sales numbers?
  • How do we overcome the objections mentally and emotionally?
  • How do we respond to these objections?
  • How do we handle failure?
  • How do we close the sale effectively?

Our selling skills program will be delivered considering the above questions and will be a mix of role plays, simulations, assessments, games, small group activities and presentation. Audio visuals will also play a role in helping our visual learners learn these skills effectively. The way we differentiate ourselves is by conducting a thorough needs assessment before the program so that we get an opportunity to customise and cater to the individual needs of our participants.

Selling Skills Training

This initiative makes our selling skills program unique.

Even at the end of our program we wind up with through action plans which can be reviewed at a later stage.

Our interactions with our participants are highly personalised and this how our programs become more meaningful.

Selling skills training is generally a 2 day program to be able to maintain effectiveness and is conducted in a spacious environment to be able to create and maintain the right environment for the workshop.

Enrol in our 2 day program and become an ace sales professional.


Our recent Selling Skills Training Experience!

One fine morning I got a call from a client. They wanted something for their new joinees. What they really wanted they didn’t know and unfortunately they were unable to explain it to me either. So I sent our representative to meet them and find out what they really needed.

Selling Skills Training

He came back with a really weird combination. It was a Selling Skills Training enmeshed into an induction program. “We havn’t done one of those while I have been there but we can certainly manage,” I thought to myself. It all seemed doable until I heard the next part! What I heard next was something alien to my ears. I had never heard of such a need before. The client actually wanted us to do a Selling Skills Training as a part of the Induction they conduct for their new joinees, including the technical training. “Technical training on what,” was my next question? The next term that hit me was something I really wasn’t expecting, in fact I didn’t even know what it meant! How was I going to train someone on something that I had never even heard about! I was lost in wonderland for a minute but me and my questions never really let me stay their too long! So how was I supposed to do it? It was a medical related product and biology was something that I had not touched after my 10th Standard. In fact my mother had always wanted me to be a Doctor and I had refused point blank as just the sight of blood had always been enough to take me down!

Selling Skills

So I asked my colleague the next question,”where am I expected to gain the expertise from to actually conduct this session?” He came to my rescue and informed me that the client wanted me to attend the induction being conducted that month. I could sit like a participant in the session, ask as many questions as I wanted and would be ready to conduct the session. In fact they also wanted me to take over the Legal, Finance, Operations, MIS and HR sessions. Now I was really going to faint! What made them think I would be able to do justice to these varied sections. HR is something I could easily do and I could learn the MIS and Operations parts, but Legal and Finance!

I took a deep breath, gathered some courage and finally told my colleague to say yes to them. This was going to be a challenge for me and I was ready to accept it. I was ready to give it a go and put in all the effort that it required.

Soon came the day of the induction. I sat through it carefully taking notes. I also kept an eye on the participants and interacted with them to understand how they felt about the session. I then suggested appropriate changes to the client, post which I started bombarding them with my list of never ending questions! They patiently cleared all my doubts and even landed up making changes in their client presentation!

After plenty of late night study finally came the day of my session and boy was I in for a surprise! Some of my participants were Doctors themselves while others had been working with our client’s competitors since a long time and hence knew the product in and out. I was actually supposed to teach participants who knew a lot more than me! I did freak out for a minute but shook myself back into balance. I had studied hard and was going to do my best.

Guess what, I came out with flying colours!

Selling Skills – Improve your Sales Return Multiple Folds

Selling skills are all about learning how to identify the process consumers go through when deciding on a purchase. The application of appropriate selling techniques and skills at every stage of a sales process helps in closing more business than usual. Key skill areas included in selling skills training include new business prospecting, call planning, identifying the needs of customers, value presenting, managing feedbacks, objection handling and gaining motivation and commitment.

selling skills trainingAny purchase decision by a customer generally goes through a five-step process.

  1. Openness
  2. Focus
  3. Knowledge
  4. Evaluation
  5. Decision

It is important for sales people to coordinate their sales process with the decision making process of the customers. Selling skills training helps sales team in the coordination and hopes to achieve the following.

  1. Building of effective relationship with the customers
  2. Research strategies to generate greater interest among customers
  3. Techniques to identify the business priorities of customers
  4. Tips to overcome challenges and objections
  5. Motivation and commitment

The training provided is based on the concept that every organization is unique with its own processes, culture and challenges. Personalized training programs for every organization are offered with case studies, examples to better address the sales and challenges. The training is devised based on relevance to the participants. It is important to be an effective sales person without having to resort to pushy sales tricks.

selling skills

All professionals be it sales professionals or non-sales professionals, require selling skills at some point of time. Learning how to generate and pitch your idea or service effectively is a useful skill to possess. Putting in plenty of preparation time is a good rule in successful selling skills. Customers tend to be more receptive with people who are thorough selling professionals.