Let’s Talk it Out! Or Not!

Today I went to see my doctor for a regular check-up. While waiting for my turn, I saw the couple next to me arguing. The guy was telling the asking the girl to speak up and tell him what the problem was. The girl, I think, wanted to be left alone and not really share what it was. This triggered off something in me and before I knew it, I went into my own land of thoughts!

They went like….


What is it that makes humans different from any other living being on this planet? What is it that makes them rule this world?



Communication definitely plays a vital role in human life. It is what distinguishes us from other living beings and for that matter even non-living beings.

Not to mention, as humans we are never satisfied. We ask for more and more. We want more and expect more. We can’t get enough of what we have.

Same goes with the ability to communicate. For humans, just being able to communicate is not enough. We also have these high expectations that the person should communicate ‘effectively.’

For completing even the smallest of our actions, it is important how effectively we are able to communicate. Be it with family, friends, colleagues even our pets, even though they don’t understand human language. If you can’t communicate effectively, there are high chances you will be misunderstood, judged, insulted, cornered, and what not. That’s too much of pressure, isn’t it?

My question is: Why do we always need to express in words about what and how we feel and think to the world? Can’t we just keep some of our thoughts to ourselves? Can’t the other person make some effort to understand our silence? Is that too much to expect from a human?

Not everybody is good at putting their feelings in words and explaining it to the other person. At least I can’t. It’s difficult to do, in fact almost impossible for me! I have always heard people saying, ‘you should share your feelings, you’ll feel good’. I have never agreed to that. I mean that theory might be true, but it doesn’t work with me. I have never felt better sharing my feelings with someone. It in fact makes me feel ‘okay, now one more person knows about my problems’. What’s the point?

Coming back to reality….

You might be thinking what exactly I was trying to tell you guys from this article. So there is no great learning that you’ll find from it. The thought just crossed my mind and I thought I should share it with you. Am I different or abnormal?  Are there other people in this world who are like me? Do they face the same problem like me? Is it okay to not share your feelings with others? Is it normal? Is there a reason why sharing hasn’t helped me in the past?

What do you guys think? Are you like me? Comment below and let me know your take on it.


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