Tao of Selling Skills

Selling Skills are required for all and every one in their lives. Every individual though not being into sales profession has to sell himself or his thought processes to others for other to believe in him and his capabilities. This applies to husband and wife, partners, child to parent, parent to child, friends to each other, subordinate to boss and vice versa. Hence anyone who wants to be successful in life should know to sell himself very well.

Selling Skills Training

The Yellow Spot designed selling skills training program focuses on this core human need of selling himself to others and hence have designed a in-depth selling skills training program for those who want to enhance their effectiveness in life as well in the profession of sales.

Selling Skills

The program focuses on the core questions like:

  • What does sales mean?
  • Why do we need to sell ourselves? How can we become effective sellers? How do we overcome the fears we have of selling?
  • How do we understand the buyer’s needs?
  • How do we understand his psyche?
  • What are the various techniques we can sell?
  • What is the math behind the sales numbers?
  • How do we overcome the objections mentally and emotionally?
  • How do we respond to these objections?
  • How do we handle failure?
  • How do we close the sale effectively?

Our selling skills program will be delivered considering the above questions and will be a mix of role plays, simulations, assessments, games, small group activities and presentation. Audio visuals will also play a role in helping our visual learners learn these skills effectively. The way we differentiate ourselves is by conducting a thorough needs assessment before the program so that we get an opportunity to customise and cater to the individual needs of our participants.

Selling Skills Training

This initiative makes our selling skills program unique.

Even at the end of our program we wind up with through action plans which can be reviewed at a later stage.

Our interactions with our participants are highly personalised and this how our programs become more meaningful.

Selling skills training is generally a 2 day program to be able to maintain effectiveness and is conducted in a spacious environment to be able to create and maintain the right environment for the workshop.

Enrol in our 2 day program and become an ace sales professional.


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