Leadership Training – Addressing Your Leadership Woes

Leadership Training, an interesting term isn’t it? So what does it really mean to you? How is it different from the training that is done for Junior and Middle level employees? Is it really that different or do people just think it’s different? Ever given these questions any thought? Well now may just be the right time to!

Leadership Training

So to answer the first question, Leadership Training is training given to leaders. Pretty obvious isn’t it! Is it different from Junior and Middle level training? Yes and No. Confused? Let me explain what I really mean.

Leadership Training

First let’s see how they are the same and then we can go to the difference. It’s based on a fact that we all tend to forget while running in the rat race – we all are humans at the end of the day. So whether we are at the top or at the bottom of the pyramid, it really doesn’t matter. We are all humans and behave just like humans typically do! We all basically have the same strengths and developmental areas because we operate through the same personality types. So the training that is given to a junior level employee needs also to be given to a senior level executive. Awareness of how one behaves, how it makes us feel internally and what effect it has on others is essential. We all need to know about it and leverage it. After all, we all interact with humans and hence need to learn how to get across to them effectively.

So we saw what’s similar, so what’s different then? The difference lies in the usage of these soft and behavioural skills. So while the foundation is the same, the skills required and used in professional settings may be slightly different. Of course in the personal set-up we will probably get to use all the skills that senior leaders do, without even realizing it!

Let’s consider an example to understand this well. Consider a leader. Decision Making and Negotiation will be skills that he needs to use often and for very important situations, situations which may have an organization wide effect. An employee at a junior level may also make use of such skills, but may use it for much smaller decisions and less frequently. However at home, we use these skills all the time, with our spouse, parents as well as children without even realizing it! Wasn’t deciding which career path to follow a huge decision?


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