What Are The Goals Of Organisational Development?

Organisational development is about making use of the resources available to the organisation for improving the efficiency of the organisation and expanding its productivity. It is used for the purpose of solving problems pertaining to the firm and gives a methodology for analysing the processes involved. The goals of the organisation are formulated on the basis of the dynamics the business deals in. Here is a quick list of the main goals of the organisational development:

  1. Aligns Employee With The Organisation’s Mission

It keeps the employees educated and updated about the goals and missions of the organisation and works towards aligning the employees to achieve the organisational goal.

  1. Problem Solving

One of the prominent goals is to encourage the workers towards solving the problem instead of avoiding them. When they solve the complicated problems, their skills are sharpened, which enhances the productivity and performance of the workers.

  1. Encouraging The Employees To Participate In The Planning Process

The employees are encouraged to be a part of the planning process in accordance with the skills they possess. This way the goals are effectively implemented as the implementors are the part of goal formulation. There is a sense of responsibility in the employees, which drive them to give their best performance.

  1. Friendly Environment In The Organisation

One of the essential objective is to create a friendly and stress free environment in the organisation for smooth functioning. With worker friendly environment present in the organisation the employees are motivated to work both effectively and efficiently. It is seen that the level of profitability is quite high in the organisations where the level of stress is less in the minds of the employees.

  1. Effective Communication Channel Between Workers And Management

Another significant goal is to develop a good channel of communication between management and workers. A lack of communication usually results in communication gap which acts as a hurdle in the growth of the organisation. Effective communication channel leads to the development of trust and cooperation within the organisation.


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