Are You Ready to Train The Trainer Inside You?

As the name suggests, our Train the Trainer sessions are meant for training trainers. These can be technical trainers or soft skills trainers, the basic skill required for each of these being the same.

Train the Trainer

What are the skills that a trainer needs to have?

  1. Technical Skills – These pertain to the subject that the trainer has to train in. Being technically sound is a must for the trainer and can largely contribute to his confidence levels. The trainer therefore must be good at content development. He must know what is required to be delivered to the audience and what the best way is to deliver the content. Based on these inputs, he must then design the session in a way that will appeal to every participant. He should use a mix of various types of modes of delivery like story-telling, questionnaires, quizzes, games, activities, role-plays, simulations, audio visuals, questioning, etc. along with his power point presentation so that he may make the session more interesting and have increased levels of participation.
  1. Presentation Skills – these points toward the skills that the trainer exhibits while delivering the content. This includes his posture, gestures, facial expressions and various components of his voice like tone, volume, modulation, clarity, stress and fillers. These go a long way in creating a connect with the audience and may prove to be a distraction if not in place.       Listening and questioning skills are also very important, not to forget being able to be silent at times. Thus the communication skills of the trainer be it verbal or non-verbal, are very important and help create an environment of openness where the participants feel comfortable in sharing their views and opinions. Grooming and Etiquette also for an essential component of the Train the Trainer module.
  1. Self Skills – There is yet another category of skills that goes beyond the other two main categories specified earlier. These are what constitute the inner world of the trainer and may in turn affect the other two categories. Stage fright is something that practically all trainers are familiar with, whether they are fresh or experienced trainers. It is that one thing that almost all trainers have to deal with especially before they start their session. This fear is strong enough to disrupt the entire session and hence trainers have to be equipped with ways of dealing with the same. They also must be emotionally intelligent and resilient to ensure that they do not get caught up in arguments or other mishaps that may occur during the course of the session.

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