Managerial Skills – Enhance your Ability to Manage Effectively and Powerfully

To manage a company effectively, managerial skills are mandatory. Management is not an ordinary task. The knowledge and ability of an individual in a managerial position is to effectively carry out the activities and tasks that his or her position demands. These skills can be learned, or acquired through practical experiences.

managerial communication skillsThere are three types of managerial skills as identified by Robert Kartz.

  1. Technical – the subject knowledge and technical skills required for the position.
  2. Conceptual – The ability to think innovatively, understand and analyze complicated and abstract tasks
  3. Interpersonal – Includes the emotional intelligence, appropriate behavior, body language, posture, listening skills and sensitivity to audience reaction.

Apart from these skills, it is also critical for a manager to possess effective communication skills.

Managerial communication skills are all about strategic communication. Thinking purposefully about the message to be conveyed allows managers to interact effectively with others and achieve the set goals. The communication can either be persuasive or informative.

managerial skillsThere are many elements concerned with communicating effectively for Managers to consider while orally interacting.

  1. Aim of the communication
  2. Level of Formality – Based on relationships and hierarchy
  3. Considering the audience – their prior knowledge and ability to understand your message
  4. The cultural aspects
  5. Using visual aids
  6. Handouts
  7. Considering the feedback from audience
  8. Voice modulation and tone of voice
  9. Eye contact
  10. Positioning

While interacting through written communication, the text type, the document length and style, structuring of argument, level of detail and adherence to reference conventions are to be taken into account.

managerial communication skillsEffective managerial and communication skills are necessary for managers to gain entry and be successful in their positions and their future since in a workplace they will be required to interact with multiple individuals of different hierarchy and positions.


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