Essential Elements of Supervisory Skills

Transitioning from an Executioner to a Supervisor can be a challenging task. From being a doer, the Supervisor has to now focus on:

  • Beginning to accept himself into the new role
  • Not doing all the work himself and starting to get into a Leadership mode
  • Being responsible for his as well as others actions and performance
  • Influencing the behavior of others through effective motivation and leadership
  • Doing jobs with added responsibility

To successfully make this transition, a supervisor has to focus on 5 L’s.

Look, Listen, Learn, Lead, Laugh

The Yellow Spot designed supervisory skills workshop will revolve around these 5 essential elements which will aid in smooth transitioning to a Supervisory role.

supervisory skills

This course is designed for line managers, supervisors and team leaders who are faced with the challenging task of overseeing the execution of work.  This course explores the various functional needs of present-day supervisor and equips the delegates with skills and knowledge for effective performance.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the supervisory skills workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Link job roles and responsibilities and key result areas of his members and department to company goals and vision
  • Manage the processes and other resources within their responsibility swiftly
  • Apply human resource management skills to their teams
  • Identify and their contribution to their organization
  • Lead, manage and motivate their team to meet management expectations
  • Implement effective communication and interaction skills


This is a participatory and practical course that uses a variety of teaching and learning methodologies, including accelerated learning, role plays, games, audio visuals, case studies, assessments, etc. Participants will engage in experiential learning to discover strategies that can be implemented in their workplace.


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