The new age Train The Trainer

Many of us have a passion for training, where we love to train others. Many of us are in the role of a Manager who has to train and mentor our teams. However, it is not just enough to train the workforce; you also have to train the trainer as well. In today’s fast changing environment, the expectations of trainees are changing and so are the requirements of the organizations.

train the trainer course

New discoveries, new information and new knowledge about everything, including human brings only makes regular training for trainers imperative.

The Yellow Spot Train the Trainer course is designed with a view of preparing a potential cadre of trainers who will further assist in providing training to others. The course will give you a practical platform to test your aptitude to perform as a trainer, assist you in skill development and give you the required confidence to stand in front of an audience and deliver.

train the trainer

Whether you are a novice or are an experienced trainer, this train the trainer workshop will help you become an effective facilitator and enhance your capabilities.

Training is no longer dependent on the use of lectures, which are not only monotonous in nature but also less productive in terms of transmission of knowledge to the trainees. Training can be a rewarding experience to both the trainer and the trainees if its major thrust is on the promotion of participatory learning, through the use of methods which make the training process more interesting and also ensure the training’s more productive results. You learn more about the subject when you train someone.

The effectiveness of training programs has now shifted from the trainee to the trainer. It is no longer dependent on the capability of the trainee to grasp. The onus has now shifted to how much transformation the trainer has been able to bring about in the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the trainees.

train the trainer course

The Yellow Spot welcomes you to attend our flagship program – train the trainer – being held across all major cities in India. This program includes various training techniques and methodologies that a trainer can choose from, the exact role of the trainer in a train the trainer program, the requirements, qualities and role of a trainer, how the trainer should create an effective learning environment, the principles and practices of adult training, how to keep your audience engaged and interested and similar other modules.

Watch this space for more or contact us at / +91.9769733305 to get a complete list of our upcoming programs.


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