Team Building – Together We Create

Do you work better as a one-man show, or does being part of a team motivate you to perform more productively? Even if you are a one-man army, do you really believe that a human can work in isolation?

The truth is that, no man is an island; every man is a piece of some or other continent, a part of the whole. In union, there is strength. Fingers alone are fragile however we know their impact when they become a fist. A team is a perfect acronym for ‘Together We Achieve More’.

Infact, it is not the team which makes the difference, it is having the environment that supports the team building which creates the difference. Working together in teams always brings about innovation, increased productivity and success.

Workplace diversity is claimed to be one of the most important challenges faced by managers today. Demographic needs of various employees, varied skills and abilities, changing demand supply patterns, different thinking patterns, immigration, increased globalization imply a much more heterogeneous group of employees for organizations to manage. And along with organizations, it is the leaders and managers who have to face these challenges.

The responsibility of assembling teams, motivating them to their optimal performance outcomes and team building lies with the leaders as well as members. An effective leader or member recognizes the importance of embracing the differences in people and knows how to connect the dots amongst those differences to get the best outcomes. This is what cultivates a workplace environment of continuous improvements, innovation and initiative.

One cannot over emphasise the importance of employees working together in an effort to pull new ideas from multiple sources regardless of hierarchy or rank. It is amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit. An effective team has to move beyond thinking ‘I’. It has to think ‘we’ and ‘team’.

So what are the qualities that the team needs to possess in order to perform the relevant joint tasks and engage in knowledge transfer to enhance productivity? Will this diversity in their skills, ability and information enhance or inhibit the infra-team communication? What is it that will lead to high performance and high productivity of all the team members? What will it take for the team to grow from small-sized organization to a mid-sized one?

Come, find the answers to all the above questions at the Team Building workshop delivered by ‘The Yellow Spot’. Contact us at / +91.9769733305 to get a complete list of our upcoming programs.


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