The Yellow Spot Announces an Open Workshop – “Walk The Change”

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates

Do you agree with Socrates? We do! Just a small addition from our end – It’s not about fighting the old, ‘but partnering with it’, for building the new. For its only after befriending the old, can you let go of it and make way for the new.

So what’s the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ we are talking about?

The old is the strong conditioned beliefs, values, notions, assumptions and habits that we have, hidden deep in our subconscious that pulls us back and prevent us from having our wishes fulfilled. So sometimes no matter how hard we try to create a change and move forward in life they impede our growth and all our efforts are left in vain. It’s pretty much why it’s so difficult living up to New Year Resolutions or acting on feedback given by others!

So what do we do? Weed them out and march forward towards embracing new opportunities. There are many waiting for you…

‘Walk The Change’ Course Outline

Who can attend???

Individuals, Executives, Managers, HR/L&D Heads, Change Agents, etc…


Session Details:

Venue: Andheri, Mumbai

Dates: 29th & 30th June, 2018

Investment: Rs. 12,500/- + GST

(Incl. of tea, snacks, lunch, facilitation & handouts)

***Early bird offer: Rs. 10,000/- + GST on booking before 30th April, 2018***

Nandini Tandon


Sayali Sawant



Visit us at



There’s always a hope!

‘HOPE’. That’s probably the only word that I could never tag as positive or negative. Now you might think that it’s a foolish thing to even think of. Hope is definitely a positive word. But let me ask you something. When someone says ‘this is our only hope’ or ‘this is our last hope’, what is it that comes to your mind? What is the feeling that you go through at that particular moment? Is it positive? Or is it negative?

Well actually it differs from person to person. Someone might look at hope as being a small dim light in the darkness which may go off at any time and feel dejected. Others might actually focus on the light and feel happy that there is light and light that can increase. So the word might make some breakdown and feel helpless, while for others it may actually help gather all their strength and stick to and increase that last hope. Now you understand why the confusion?

If you are the second type of person, you are a strong and positive person I must say. If you are the first type, it means you need to start looking at the brighter side of things. Yes, ‘positive thinking’.

Hope itself means that there is always a chance of something good even when we’re faced with overwhelming odds.

Have you seen the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie series? If you have, you very well know the journey of the hobbit towards his goal. He faced practically every possible problem on his way to destroying the ‘ring of power’ for the good of people and the middle earth. But hope is what kept him going through everything that came his way.


Though it’s just a movie, but it’s the bitter truth of life. You will face obstacles in your way to your dreams and goals. You will have to fight them to get to the other side. But how you do it depends on you. One way to do it is to struggle and cry about how life has been so bad to you and how it’s been such a difficult journey. The other? With hope. Hope that the there is something beautiful waiting for you on the other end. And all the pain and darkness you are going through, will be worth it. It’s entirely your choice. I’m sure you will choose the latter. It doesn’t make the journey any less difficult, but it certainly makes it easier! Know what I mean!

There is always a hope! Even if it’s only a fool’s hope, never lose it. Stick with it. It will give you the strength to go places..


I ‘hope’ you like our posts. We like writing for you people. You are important to us. So we would like to share with you some great news. It’s our 10th birthday!!!

We have come a long way. it’s because of  people like you and you’re support. On this event we are announcing an open workshop. A workshop where we are going to reveal our ‘secret recipe’ of our successful journey. We would like to share with you. Come join us. Stay tuned for more details on this workshop. Visit our website today!

You can write to us on or call us on +91 976973305/9820047470 to know more about this.

Facing the Emotional Devil Inside

Today, am in a lot of physical pain and feeling mentally down because of it. You know cramps. Makes you feel like something is eating you from inside. Am not sure if you’ve ever felt what I mean, but am sure no one has been saved from their own unique crampy experience!

So what do you do when you feel like this? The normal tendency is to run around and try to find some relief.  That could be in the form of catching one of your family members and asking them to give you a massage. But then again not everyone has that luxury, do they! Some might land up taking pain killers while others might try to ease the pain with a hot water bottle. Heat does do a good job to body ache is what I’ve always noticed.

My question to you today is, is it possible to just let the cramps be? Do we have to get rid of everything that makes us uncomfortable? Do we have to run helter-skelter trying to find a way to reduce the pain?

I know am sounding a little crazy currently! I’m asking you about something that’s obvious. Wouldn’t anyone want to get rid of their pain and end their suffering!

 It’s pretty much the same with mental or should I say emotional pain too. We are always trying to stay away from it. So either we try to avoid it or once it comes on, we try to escape it. You know, push it under the carpet and tell ourselves that we are fine. But what happens to this emotional pain, does it go or does it just remain dormant in our system?

If you realise, avoiding the pain doesn’t work. If you avoid one situation that makes you feel ‘not good enough,’ another one will be just waiting around the corner. How long can you keep trying to run away from it?

Even once it has come on and you keep telling yourself that you’re fine, does it go away? Or does it keep nagging you from inside and pops up every now and again? Can you really escape from that loud voice banging inside your head, telling you how you are not okay?

These natural coping methods might be able to give you some momentary relief, but the truth is that they aren’t going to give you much in the long run. And when Pandora’s box opens up you really won’t know what to do because these will not be able to serve you during that time!

So how do you deal with them? By facing them. You have to look the emotion in the eye and tell it that you’re not scared of it. Tell it that you are going to go through it and finish it off once and for all. After all, facing the devil once is better than having to face him in smaller doses everyday, isn’t it!

Need help doing that? Can always count on us. You know where to find us…

Let’s Talk it Out! Or Not!

Today I went to see my doctor for a regular check-up. While waiting for my turn, I saw the couple next to me arguing. The guy was telling the asking the girl to speak up and tell him what the problem was. The girl, I think, wanted to be left alone and not really share what it was. This triggered off something in me and before I knew it, I went into my own land of thoughts!

They went like….


What is it that makes humans different from any other living being on this planet? What is it that makes them rule this world?



Communication definitely plays a vital role in human life. It is what distinguishes us from other living beings and for that matter even non-living beings.

Not to mention, as humans we are never satisfied. We ask for more and more. We want more and expect more. We can’t get enough of what we have.

Same goes with the ability to communicate. For humans, just being able to communicate is not enough. We also have these high expectations that the person should communicate ‘effectively.’

For completing even the smallest of our actions, it is important how effectively we are able to communicate. Be it with family, friends, colleagues even our pets, even though they don’t understand human language. If you can’t communicate effectively, there are high chances you will be misunderstood, judged, insulted, cornered, and what not. That’s too much of pressure, isn’t it?

My question is: Why do we always need to express in words about what and how we feel and think to the world? Can’t we just keep some of our thoughts to ourselves? Can’t the other person make some effort to understand our silence? Is that too much to expect from a human?

Not everybody is good at putting their feelings in words and explaining it to the other person. At least I can’t. It’s difficult to do, in fact almost impossible for me! I have always heard people saying, ‘you should share your feelings, you’ll feel good’. I have never agreed to that. I mean that theory might be true, but it doesn’t work with me. I have never felt better sharing my feelings with someone. It in fact makes me feel ‘okay, now one more person knows about my problems’. What’s the point?

Coming back to reality….

You might be thinking what exactly I was trying to tell you guys from this article. So there is no great learning that you’ll find from it. The thought just crossed my mind and I thought I should share it with you. Am I different or abnormal?  Are there other people in this world who are like me? Do they face the same problem like me? Is it okay to not share your feelings with others? Is it normal? Is there a reason why sharing hasn’t helped me in the past?

What do you guys think? Are you like me? Comment below and let me know your take on it.

Soft Skills Training – A Boon Or Necessity?

Something very interesting happened the other day. We were looking for a sales executive who could help us out with our sales efforts. We had interviewed a couple of people but somehow were not satisfied with what we had seen. It was then that one of our associates suggested that we pick up interns from an MBA college. So we had some interns from a particular college sent down to our office.  There was a sizable number and we were sure we would be able to find at least one candidate that matched our criteria.

Soft Skills Training Companies

So we set out interviewing them one by one. You won’t believe that out of the entire lot of 15, we could only find 1 candidate who we felt could do justice to the task at hand. So what differentiated this candidate from the other 14? Simply his soft skills. Some of the other candidates were technically sound but the common problem with all of them was that they lacked soft skills. We being amongst the top soft skills training companies in India could definitely not have someone represent us who lacked in this very sphere and who needed soft skills training himself! That’s when we realized how important it is for our colleges to actually take students through such courses. They all equip students with hard skills but somehow this front is ignored.

Keeping this incident in mind we are conducting campus to corporate sessions for college students. We know how these skills all have their roots in deeper aspects of the self and hence have come up with a yearlong course which can help in the overall development of students. These sessions entail:

Soft Skills

  • Self Development : 90% of our personalities are made up of what’s on our inside; our fears, perceptions, attitude, beliefs, motivations and complexes. These drive the 10% of our outside personality. Hence dealing with these and ensuring that they are causing fruitful outer behaviour is essential. This is why we give so much of importance to ‘self’ development and always start our sessions with the same. It helps in building self confidence and getting past the fears that may be hindering our progress.
  • Communication, Etiquette and Grooming : Behaviour and Physical Appearance form the outer personality. Once the inner is in place, it becomes much easier to get the outer in place. The outer also feeds into the inner, so changing the way we dress can also have great effects on the way we feel and in turn on our attitude.

Soft Skills Training

  • Team Dynamics : Once we have a good understanding of ourselves, we automatically gain a better understanding of the people around us. After all, we are all human beings and frankly operate in very similar ways! So understanding how a team works and what team members want and need from us makes the next stepping stone which ensures that not only do we feel and look happy but can also have great relationships with those around us. Somehow the relationships that we have at college are very different from those that we encounter in the corporate world and readiness for the same is hence a necessity.
  • Other Skills : Apart from these, we also teach students time management skills as well as stress management techniques. It’s very important that they can handle these two parameters well so that they can avoid burnout while at work. Goal setting is another area which helps them get a direction in life and then march towards it with full force.

Soft Skills Training Companies India

  • Placement Assistance : Last but not the least, we also help our students when it comes to placement assistance. We having plenty of experience in the recruitment field ourselves, understand what it is that companies are looking for in a candidate and give students a tip on various fronts. We help them design their resumes to showcase specific details about themselves and steer questions in their interviews. We also give them practice in Group Discussions as well as in various types of interviews so that they are comfortable when they have to finally face the same on D-Day.

In this way we are going all out to help the youth of our country become more employable and become better employees once they get their coveted job!

Effective Ways Of Making Corporate Training In India Engaging

What is the first image that develops in your mind when you think about corporate training? All that flashes in front of your eyes is a boring training session focusing on the core topics such as basic skills, industry regulations, amendments and other related stuff. Learning does not take place only in the classroom, it involves learning from everything, be it a situation, condition or a person. Is corporate training in India a boring business? Want to make it engaging? Here are some of the effective ways of making the session of corporate training an engaging one:

corporate training companies

  • Make Use Of Pictures

In Bangalore, a lot of corporate training companies have made use of pictures to depict the fundamentals. This is because the brain can understand and remember things more when given in a visual format rather than as a piece of write up. According to studies, nearly 94% of trainers responded positively when made to understand certain basic skills via pictures instead of talks. This is the reason most of the trainers are now using pictures to make the content crystal clear.

  • Content Must Be Crisp

Employees usually lack a lot of time for spending on reading lengthy contents. Such long contents usually distract the employees. If the sections of contents are kept brief and to the point, keeping the learners glued to the training session is not that difficult. Even if a big topic needs to be covered in a particular session, try breaking it up in smaller chapters to keep intact the interest of your learners.

  • Keep The Audience Engaged

A lot of the task of keeping the audience engaged depends upon the trainer. If the trainer is active, the session can never turn out to be boring. Never let the learners simply read the slides. For this reason, a short quiz must be conducted at the end of each and every corporate training session. This will allow the people to review what they have understood.

  • A Compelling Title

Usually the different sessions that are conducted during corporate training have titles which are generic, typical and boring. Often the learners are dissuaded from the course at the beginning after reading the title. If you add some out of the box title, the employees will be inquisitive to know what actually will happen in the corporate training program.

Personality Development- An Amazingly Effective Measure To Ensure Company’s Growth

Personality development is defined as the qualified persistent pattern of feeling or thoughts of an individual that differ him from another one. According to the postulates mentioned in Personality psychology, a person’s personality develops initially and it profoundly continues to change throughout his entire lifetime. One’s thoughts and action are undoubtedly required to be in righteous direction. Because it is our thinking that leads us to action. A confidence boost helps great to developing a person’s personality.

Personality Development

Behaviour growth is a skill that helps in enhancing and grooming one’s innermost and outermost personality traits. It can be refined over time and polished over experience. Training employees with personality development sessions tends to create a win-win situation for the company and the employee respectively. The job competence is positively improved at an alarming rate, which in the turn delivers job satisfaction feeling to the employee which ultimately makes way for the organization’s growth.  Following are the key areas on which we insist our clients to focus for building an effective personality in time to come. Concentrate on:

  1. Developing enormous confidence
  1. Being the way you are, for the original is always worth more than a copy.
  1. Adapting a compelling body language
  1. Paying attention on what you wear
  1. Displaying courtesy when or when not at work
  1. Uncovering secret areas of your interest
  1. Having an ear for everything
  1. Stop being a dull boy without any play
  1. Facing fresh audience at certain intervals in time
  1. Projecting your opinions and winning hearts

Behaviour Growth

We will pour every last drop of knowledge we possess, in turning your more personality conscious by helping you grow dominant personality and sustaining it in the years to come. Our every effort projects at the hysterical growth of your organization by excelling always when it comes to company-employee relationships. We will develop personality in your organization’s employees in such a fashion that is way better than any other competitor in the market.

To let firms grow and prosper, we contribute our skills and earn prestige for the change we deliberately bring in a man’s personality.